HD Google Hangouts


Our new setup for google hangouts was a bit of a trial and error but we finally an hd setup, sort of. We’re using our Canon 5D as our main camera and feeding clean hdmi into a black magic box. google plus recognizes the black magic box and has several resolution/frame rates to choose from. We found only the 1920×1080 60fps setting seems to work.

For audio, I have a boom mic stand setup with the H4N connected via USB into my macbook for powering the mic and getting audio input. The onboard mic is omni-directional, so remembering to speak towards the mic is a learning curve. Google hangouts recognizes the H4N and can be selected in the audio input options under settings.

Deinterlacing the only drawback in this setup. This only happens in google hangouts, but not in the black magic capture app or CamTwist. We’ve found switching the 5D to from video mode to camera mode removes this issue but the camera mode doesn’t support clean HDMI out. 24fps and 60fps rates are options in the hdmi out setting for the 5D, but 60 seems to be the only one that works. The HDMI mirror option is the setting that allows clean HDMI out via HDMI out jack on the 5D. This is the ideal setting on the 5d that allows a decent hd video feed but leaves us wondering what could be causing the deinterlaced video feed in google hangouts.

So for the time benign, our options are either deinterlacing degraded quality (especially during any movement) or a white square box in the corner of the screen.